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Political analyst Stephen Lendman says the Israeli lobby puts pressure on the United States to target Iran’s nuclear energy program. “Israel is behind the scenes. Israel through the Israeli lobby pressures the US government no matter which one is in power so Iran is literally beaten up on for no reason at all,” he told Press TV on Wednesday. “Iran is monitored extremely intensively, much more so than dozens of other countries that have similar nuclear programs to Iran. Why should Iran be treated this way? Why should it be treated differently from other countries?” Lendman argued. However, Israel, “a nuclear military power” that has done more in pursuit of nuclear weapons than all other countries in the world, is allowed to "spurn" international law, he noted. Lendman made the remarks after The International Crisis Group (IGC) in a new report urged the United States to take a flexible approach toward Iran in order to resolve the standoff over the country’s nuclear energy program. “The International Crisis Group basically believes that Iran should have a chance to be dealt with on an even basis because it has a new president and a new government,” he said. “Iran is a normal country. It operates normally. It does so legally. It has every right to demand and deserves to be treated like every other country with all its programs, nuclear or otherwise,” Lendman stated. “If Iran or any other country breaks the law, breaks international law that’s reason to be critical. That’s reason to do something responsible. There is no evidence whatsoever, not a shred [of evidence] that Iran violates international law in any way,” the analyst concluded. AGB/HJ