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Sun Aug 4, 2013 6:41AM
An F-16 fighter jet

An F-16 fighter jet

A political analyst said that the “Israeli lobby” and the “military industrial complex” are behind the Pentagon’s plans to launch possible military assaults against Iran and North Korea despite military budget cuts. In an interview with Press TV on Saturday, Michael Burns also said the debate surrounding the recent plans is just “noise.” He made the remarks after the US Defense Department launched a study to determine if the country's available military assets are still up for carrying out battle plans for possible use in Iran and North Korea. Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel has admitted that the US Army is larger than it needs to be for “current missions,” and that they could save some $150 billion with cuts that would have a limited effect. Burns, however, said the military industrial complex and the Israeli lobby in the US are “heating up the conversation” on the necessity of having contingency plans and being prepared to launch military attacks against other countries in order to avoid the automatic defense spending cuts. “There is tremendous attempt by the military industrial complex, which includes the Pentagon, the State Department, which is part of the administration and the apparatus in all 50 states of the union, which are involved in manufacturing weapon systems to avoid having budget cuts.” Burns said. “This noising conversation is designed to put pressure on our Congressmen to exempt the military from budget cuts and that’s all it is. It’s noise. Nothing more, nothing less,” he added. “It’s a long way before we are going to attack anybody. It’s too destabilizing and we are getting near an election cycle by the way… and the American people are not too interested in getting fooled again.” AGB/HJ
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