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Zionist atrocity painful for Jews: Rabbi Dovid Feldman
Sat Aug 3, 2013 9:0AM
Interview with Rabbi Dovid Feldman
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The reason why we find it so important is because what is happening in Palestine for decades, including al-Quds (Jerusalem) is very painful. When we see all these tragedies, this occupation and all what goes along with this bloody for decades; this is very painful and it should be painful for every human person and we say this is Jewish people that we find this very painful as Jews, following Jewish religion, when all of these crimes are forbidden not only in human rights laws, in International laws.'

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Press TV has conducted an interview with Rabbi Dovid Feldman of Jews United Against Zionism Organization, from New York about the issue of International Quds Day.

What follows is an approximate transcription of the interview.

Press TV: International al-Quds Day, I believe that it is going to be something that you are going to participate in and mark; tell us more about that.

Feldman: Yes, we are going to participate in it, we find al-Quds Day to be a very important day. We have the members of our communities world wide attending about ten major cities, participating in the al-Quds Day rallies.

The reason why we find it so important is because what is happening in Palestine for decades, including al-Quds (Jerusalem) is very painful. When we see all these tragedies, this occupation and all what goes along with this bloody for decades; this is very painful and it should be painful for every human person and we say this is Jewish people that we find this very painful as Jews, following Jewish religion, when all of these crimes are forbidden not only in human rights laws, in International laws.

This is not along within Jewish, the religious law, killing, stealing, all of this is totally forbidden, especially when this is being done in the name of Jews and supposedly in the names of all Jews. This is very embarrassing and it is painful, when this is being sometimes done in the name of the Jewish religion. This is really painful.

That is why we stand up not only on Quds Day; Quds day is one opportunity, one we find this very appropriate and very important, in the time that many other communities stand up and express their total opposition to all what is going on.

We find this is Jewish people, very important to participate and express our feelings, show to the world and to the Palestinian people that we are totally against this.

Press TV: You can see that is the Israeli side of things, you feel Richard Millet on the Palestinian side of things, which he did by the question I asked before.

I could touch on some examples that Judaization of Jerusalem, al-Quds, the separation wall and all these other acts that are exercised and occupied territories that are deemed illegal, by International organizations like the UN, like the ICJ (International Court of Justice), like many other organizations that even go against the Geneva Courts and what have here.

Feldman: Let me say again; what is happening, all these crimes, occupation and what you just mentioned, all of this is terrible and I must say, I would not say because I am Jewish I should defend the crimes against the Palestinian people and just turn to all other human rights violations in other countries.

Yes, whatever is happening in entire world, if it is oppression against other people, if it is crimes against other people, then it should concern all of us and it does concern all of us; and it is not because I am Jewish I would turn my eye away from Israel to others. It is the other way around.

It is because I am Jewish and these crimes happened to be in the name of our people, then I oppose this, before I oppose everything else. Now, again and still it pains everyone wherever there is pain and wherever there is suffering.

I would add what is happening in Palestine against the Palestinian people is painful. Tragedies, which are happening to Jewish people is painful. I am Jewish and I say it as a Jew and I am sure that on-Jewish people would say the same.

But again, I am coming back to the point, it is because I am Jewish, I am so pained to what is happening to the Jewish people as well. It is because I am Jewish and because I am concerned for the suffering people, including the Jewish people; therefore I am so upset to what is happening for decades, what caused this bloodshed on both sides.

We, as Jewish people, it is our communities before I was here, before I was born; before 1948 there was not any problems, but when we go back to 1920s and the early 1920s Jewish people did live in Palestine and another Muslim countries in peace. If you studied history, then you would find that.

If you find some individual stories that happened, not that comfortable stories; there were very very little of that and you would not find many of it. The famous Hebron massacre which happened in 1929, we have documentation of this; this was a direct outcome of the aggression, of those immigrant Zionists that intimidated the Palestinian people.

All what we see today in Palestine, including surrounding areas, where there is a terrible hate between our people, the Muslim people and the Jewish people; a lot of this hate was created or at least exacerbated, because of the invention of Zionism.

This is terrible from all sides, to all people involved in this country and this is very painful; therefore we say that we need to understand what is the root caused to all of this and we need to have this cause put aside.

Therefore we say that the solution is not necessarily the two-state solution. The solution is this entire occupation should be stopped, all rights should be restored to the Palestinians, indigenous population, Muslims, Christians and Jewish people, all of us lived in the country, in the holy land and all of us did live in peace, we can live in peace and we should be able to live in peace in future.

Press TV: Obviously reaction from you, our guest Richard Millet says you are not living in the real world, by some of the statements that you have made.

Feldman: First of all, we have to clarify that being religious and practicing religion and being followers of a religious ideology does not detract a person of living on Planet Earth in reality.

I have to add that because we are living in reality and we see peace talks that are going on for a very long time, does not take us any where. We said this referred to decades back when the first Oslo courts and the first peace talks we said according to Judaism, to Jewish teachings, this would never be successful; why? Because according to Jewish religion, even without all this aggression, even without crimes being done against other people; even if this would be total peace with all people, it is forbidden for Jews to create a state of our own.

Because according to Jewish belief, we are in exile, we are forbidden to create a state of our own, we are forbidden to fight other people in physical terms. All of this is totally forbidden according to Judaism.

We say because we are living in physical world, we see what is happening; we experience all suffering from all sides, therefore we say that in practical terms and on religious basis; all of this is totally wrong.

The only way we can expect a nicer future is when we think back of the very example that my colleague from London just mentioned, the Hebron massacre, what I mentioned before; yes, the Hebron massacre is an exact example that we have to have in front of our eyes, including all massacres that happened all these decades since 1929 from all sides; blood that was shed unfortunately and painfully from all sides.

We have to have all of these in front of our eyes and understand and rethink what was the cause to all of these. This was a fight that began by people that came up to the holy land against the will of the Palestinian people, Muslims, Christians and the Jewish community.

At the time this was opposed by Rabbi Shinsky in 1947, before the creation of state in the name of all Jewish at the Jewish minority of Jerusalem. When we speak about al-Quds Day today, Jewish people look back to Jerusalem prior to 1948, we look back to our religious leader from the very beginning of Zionism or before that; this is totally against our tradition, against our religion, on religious basis and in practical terms.

We pray that all of this should stop; we hope that this would be without any suffering of any person and ...we say that we pray for peaceful and speedy dismantlement of the entire... [Entity] of Israel.

Press TV: Iran's late Leader Imam Khomeini, Rabbi Dovid Feldman I am sure you know, he started International Quds Day over three decades ago and he ...importance for the stay.

I am curious what your impression is of Iran's late leader, realizing the importance of the stay, in order to be highlighted at that time for the Palestinian cause which had more to involve, to actually not only involve Muslims to come out, but also resists against what has also been said to be people who are oppressed by these powers.

Feldman: we always appreciated the words of late Imam Khomeini regarding Palestine and we always said that what we especially appreciate [is] his understanding which he made clear in many occasions the difference between Judaism and Zionism.

Today, there are people who struggle with this confusion, following main stream media by believing that the ... [Entity] of Israel represents all Jews, which is totally wrong.

Imam Khomeini was one of the great leaders that understood the difference between Judaism and Zionism, between the Jewish people, following the religion and Zionist people following the politics.

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