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Sat Aug 3, 2013 4:16AM
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

Israel is at the beginning of a shrieking dementia which can undoubtedly be dangerous to others but, at the same time, it leads to a fatal mistake which brings about the downfall.
Nothing seems to change. The latest is that President Hassan Rohani only has to open his mouth for the Zionist Israelis to put words into it. The Israelis did it to President Ahmadinejad: they will do it to any President of Iran for evermore. Or will they? The ancient Greeks were a bright lot. Apart from geometry and things they understood human psychology. Indeed, they invented the concept of hubris which could be translated as the pride which goes before the downfall. Except that, it’s worse than that. Hubris is extreme pride or arrogance. It starts with a lack of humility. Then there is an overestimation of one’s own power and capabilities which is followed by a loss for contact with reality. Finally comes the shrieking dementia which can undoubtedly be dangerous to others but, at the same time, it leads to a fatal mistake which brings about the downfall. Sounds familiar? It ought to. Israel is at the beginning of the dementia and endeavouring to find some new way of making a fatal mistake. For example, it is carrying out attacks on Syria. No doubt this puts Netanyahu’s cronies into fits of joyous delirium. Yet, Russia is committed to the defence of Syria and there are hundreds of Russian S300 defensive missiles in place. Moreover, many powerful Russian anti-ship missiles are secreted on the Syrian coast; and the Russian navy, no doubt including considerable anti-submarine capacity, is in the Mediterranean. The latter point is particularly important because the Israeli Dolphin submarines have nuclear-tipped missiles. It is believed that, early in May, Israel lost one of its Dolphin submarines and, if it challenges Russia, it may well lose more of them. As for challenging Russia to a nuclear stand-off, this is not a sensible thing to do. If a hubristic Netanyahu hots up things with Russia, we can expect to see not only some Dolphin submarines being sunk, but the very existence of the Israeli state will come into question. Now consider exactly what might happen if Netanyahu (how the ancient Greeks would have loved him!) should implement his dream of a sudden attack on Iran. After all, Iran only has to have a new president for the USA to implement more sanctions and Netanyahu thinks he can carry exactly as he did before. However, Iran is not a powerless Gaza and, apart from military matters, an attack on Iran is only too likely to precipitate military action much more widely as well as political change, including the downfall of the USA’s, and Israel’s, regional allies. Taking a wider view of the situation, President Ahmadinejad has pointed out that the West created Israel in order to dominate the Middle East. Yes, but the West’s economic power is declining and, as for the USA’s political authority, Israel had better wake up to the fact that the USA is now universally hated throughout the Middle East (just as Israel is) and, in due course, that hatred will be in the open and taking effective action. Moreover, it will be the same with the Islamic Awakening. At the moment, it is having problems in finding an independent way forward e.g., in Egypt, but, at some point in the future, Egypt will be among those determined to end the occupation of Palestine and al-Quds. Then there are the profound contradictions in Zionist policy. Netanyahu, of course, is entering so-called “talks” aimed at finally crushing the Palestinians. If he cannot do that, of course, then any minor concession he makes will be quickly nullified by a referendum (in which the Israeli “settlers”, screaming that they are being sent to the gas chambers, will panic the Israeli electorate). Which is all very well, but the world is waking up to the inescapable fact that Israel is a racist state embarked upon a creeping genocide of the Palestinians and that the most it has to offer is a Bantustanisation i.e., neighbourhoods whose income, economy, social, foreign and military affairs are so controlled by Israel that they will be best described as ghettos. But the world turned on white-controlled South Africa and there are splendid signs that this may soon become the situation with Zionist Israel. To date, the USA and Europe have given Israel a blank cheque to commit atrocities, war crimes and creeping genocide. Yet, that is unlikely to go on because we can remember that nearly every country in the world voted to admit Palestine to the United Nations (and the vote gave the USA and Israel the hypo-screaming-jeebers….). There’s a thing called over-playing your hand and Israel, as well as the USA, is showing signs of making a habit of it. It is even alleged that Henry Kissinger has said Israel will not exist in ten years. Be sure - one day, not too far off, the Zionists will make that fatal mistake and, after that, al-Quds will be liberated. RS/NN
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