Fri Jul 26, 2013 6:12AM
The Canadian government has remained silent over the abusive treatment of a Canadian human rights activist in the Occupied Palestinian Territories by Israeli forces amid criticism that Canada’s Prime Minister Stephen Harper prioritizes Israel’s interests over those of its own citizens, Press TV reports. Canadian Sara Ali was brutally manhandled and arrested by security forces of the Israeli regime earlier this week as she attempted to document the Zionist regime’s human rights violations in the occupied Palestinian territories. This is while the Tel Aviv regime is notorious for detaining human rights activists in order to prevent the truth about its harsh treatment of Palestinians from getting out. The abusive practice seems to have been the reason behind the arrest Ms. Ali by Israeli security forces. Critics, meanwhile, maintain that most Canadian journalists and politicians appear to be forbidden from criticizing the Israeli regime. Consequently, when Israeli security forces target Canadian citizens, no one expects government authorities in Ottawa to weigh in on the Tel Aviv regime to treat them humanely. Although Israel has no legal jurisdiction over the occupied Palestinian territories, which it seized in 1967, it has not deterred the regime forces from essentially kidnapping Ms. Ali and deporting her back to Canada against the wishes of her Palestinian hosts, who told Press TV that the Canadian Embassy in Tel Aviv failed to provide any assistance to the troubled citizen. Pointing to Harper’s declaration of unequivocal support for the Israeli regime, Canadian political analyst Aaron Doncaster observed that as long as Harper remains the country’s prime minister, support for Tel Aviv policies will persist, adding, “Basically we have Zionists occupying our government here in Canada.” While the Harper government is constantly lecturing other nations in the Middle East on respecting human rights advocates, it has remained conspicuously silent with respect to well-documented mistreatment of human rights activists by the Israeli regime. Moreover, critics further insist that Israel wants to deter international human rights observers from visiting occupied Palestinian territories so they can expedite their genocide against the Palestinians without public consciousness. MFB/MFB