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‘US Constitution overtaken by military: Alfred Lambrement Webre
Sat Jul 20, 2013 3:46PM
Interview with Alfred Lambrement Webre
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The US is now a lawless and rogue state where the military has overtaken the Constitution and it is entirely transparent in my judgment both as an attorney and as a war crimes judge."

Press TV has conducted an interview with Alfred Lambrement Webre, international lawyer from Vancouver about the Bradley Manning trial in a US military court.

The following is an approximate transcript of the interview.

Press TV: Do you think this was an open and shut case in terms of the point of view of the judge that Manning was going to be guilty no matter what because the US is so after protecting its national security? And of course anybody who leaks any files is going to be found guilty because, well, they don’t want to send out the wrong message?

Webre: This is a military court martial and you have Colonel Lind as the judge. And the ruling of the judge defies belief.

What the judge said is that because the documents that Bradley Manning leaked went out over the internet they could possibly have been seen by al-Qaeda, therefore they could have possibly aided and abetted the enemy - which is a chain of information that defies belief. There was no evidence introduced at the trial that any of the documents aided and abetted the enemy.

However, this has two grave implications: number one, it is clear that from the military point of view the prosecutors who represent the defense establishment, they consider Wikileaksto be in the same shoes as any of the media such as The New York Times or any of the mainstream media such that if any source gives information to The New York Times, which it then prints or prints on its website, then a military prosecutor could argue, oh, you’ve just aided and abetted the enemy with that information.

So it is entirely self-serving and it’s a total constitutional violation of the protection of the media under the First Amendment to the US Constitution.

Secondly, this shows how the United States is becoming increasingly a police state because in this case what you have is an execution of the US Department of Defense, which has engaged in wars of aggression such as the war in Afghanistan and the war in Iraq that have been found to be illegal wars of aggression - war crimes.

Each of which were started by a false flag, mainly September 11, 2001 in the case of the war in Afghanistan; and in the case of Iraq the false statements of the US Ambassador to the United Nations in the United Nations that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction, which was another false flag.

So those wars of aggression were started and here you have individuals acting under the First Amendment, acting under the UN Declaration of Human Rights - such as Bradley Manning, such as Edward Snowden who are trying to protect humanity from a global military dictatorship and that military dictatorship is now, through the rulings of the Bradley Manning trial, trying to protect itself. So, this is entirely transparent and it’s transparent to anybody who looks at it.

The US is now a lawless and rogue state where the military has overtaken the Constitution and it is entirely transparent in my judgment both as an attorney and as a war crimes judge.

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