Sat Jul 20, 2013 3:47AM
Historically, Israel has been kept off the UNSC because it has been the subject of more resolutions than any other nation. Israel has been cited by the Security Council for more violations of resolutions than any other nation. Israel has been the subject of more vetoes blocking even more resolutions than any other nation.”
According to the Daily Beast, President Obama’s nominee for UN Ambassador, Samantha Power, plans to nominate Israel for a seat on the United Nations Security Council (UNSC). As the article is written, Israel would be number six, a full permanent member with equal status to the United States, Britain, Russia, France and China. However, the article is a hoax. You see, the UNSC, established by the Treaty of San Francisco in 1945, can and will have only five members. Any of those members has full veto power, a fact that makes the UN not just a tyranny, but a joke. Going further, the primary activity of the United Nations, at least since 1948, has been to enforce Security Council resolutions, almost countless in number, chastising Israel for aggressive war, ethnic cleansing and barbarism. The deceit The United States has no intent to back Israel as a permanent member on the Security Council. However, the US has tried dozens of times to have Israel serve as a non-permanent member, a status that is barely qualified as “observer.” There are 15 members of the UNSC, but only five have veto power. The 10 non-permanent members are elected according to a formula, based on region as detailed in Chapter V of the UN Charter. Those seats are now held by Rwanda, Togo, Azerbaijan, Luxembourg, Morocco, Pakistan, South Korea, Guatemala, Australia and Argentina. According to current rules, it might be possible for Israel to, someday, assume the seat currently held by the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. Nearly a hundred nations have served on the Security Council, including Cuba and Libya. Historically, Israel has been kept off the UNSC because it has been the subject of more resolutions than any other nation. Israel has been cited by the Security Council for more violations of resolutions than any other nation. Israel has been the subject of more vetoes blocking even more resolutions than any other nation. More recently, the 28 European Union member states voted broad sanctions against Israel tied to violations of the Geneva Convention, particularly regarding treatment of civilian populations during wartime, collective punishment and illegal seizure and use of occupied land. Two of the states that approved those measures are permanent members of the UN Security Council. Until recently, both were considered strong allies of Israel. Mother of lies The story sourced to the Internet website, Daily Beast, controlled by the powerful Newsweek organization, is only one of an endless list of similar “tall tales” of late. Newsweek is controlled by former congressional representative, Jane Harmon, an Israeli citizen who served in the United States’ government who was forced to resign after being caught in an NSA wiretap communicating with Israeli spy organizations. She was conspiring to interfere with the prosecution of Soviet spymaster Jonathan Pollard, a man credited with the deaths of over 1000 CIA agents and intelligence assets and nearly starting World War III. Her news organization and others helped “spin” the Pollard crimes, misconstruing them as leaking information to help Israeli counter-terrorist forces defend that nation from attack. Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu along with his acolytes in the US government continually demand Pollard’s release after 26 years of imprisonment. Netanyahu’s descriptions of Pollard’s crimes are farcical. Were Israel’s role in Pollards operation and subsequent AIPAC spying involving Lawrence Franklin, Douglas Feith and Paul Wolfowitz, among others, properly investigated, most leaders of AIPAC, the ADL and top Israeli officials, including Netanyahu himself, would likely be indicted. AIPAC’s Keith Weissman and Stephen J. Rosen were arrested but their prosecution was derailed when investigations closed in on top Bush advisors, including the Vice-President, Dick Cheney. Methodologies of deceit Once published, hoaxes such as the misleading story regarding Israel and the UN Security Council are allowed to stand unless issues of national security demand a detraction as with a recent story in the same publication outlining an American ordered “no-fly zone” over Syria. That story may well have started a war, a story knowingly false, ordered by Harmon at the request of “handlers” in Tel Aviv. More recently, not just news organizations, but bloggers on both the right and left, all clearly working for Israeli/AIPAC “handlers,” have been orchestrating attacks on Attorney General Holder. Jim Dean, writing for Press TV, covered this issue in a recent article: “I watched in somewhat amazement the recent news of the Justice Department's investigation of Fox News’s James Rosen which brought the entire Israeli Lobby 5th column out to defend not only Rosen, but freedom for the press. The gross hypocrisy made me sick to my stomach. There is no group of people who have relentlessly attacked freedom of the press more viciously that the Israeli Lobby and their espionage handlers in Tel Aviv. It has been widely known throughout the entire intelligence and law enforcement community that the Zionists conduct massive and aggressive media espionage everywhere they can. The attacks on Press TV are also part of this worldwide campaign. Rosen is not being investigated for leaking, but for running a major espionage operation here in the US. For whom? Well, like so many others he is an Israeli citizen, so I will let you guess. Rosen's investigation is a spinoff of the Murdoch News Corp phone hacking scandal that was really just the tip of the iceberg of a worldwide media espionage operation involving Israel and even the Assange case and others. Will we soon see dual citizen Israelis running to airports to catch flights to the land of no extradition?” “Handlers” A key component of the highly organized campaign that allows, not just the poisoning of the press through conspiracy theories and hoaxes but smear campaigns as well, is “talent spotting.” Where many well-paid writers with the mainstream media, most recently the New York Time, Bloomberg, Atlantic Monthly, Washington Post and Newsweek/Daily beast have been inventing stories, veritable armies of half “fried” conspiratorial types, activists or “patriots” troll the Internet, posting on comment boards, doing radio or television interviews or submitting articles. Most “activist”-related Internet publications exist entirely based on funding from “handlers” that represent espionage organizations, terrorist groups or “think tanks,” the real “Al Qaeda.” How it works A recent hoax perpetrated by Bloomberg gave unnamed sources for a secret White House meeting at which it is claimed US Secretary of State Kerry tried to order a major US bombing offensive against Syria, without either UN or congressional mandate or even notification. The story is, not just incredible, it is insane. However, the story, though quickly abandoned by mainstream news agencies, began showing up carefully placed within articles submitted by “activist” writers. Some highly respectable publications inadvertently carried this story, meant to attack Kerry for policies unfavorable to Israel. As for the “activist” writers, some were paid as much as $2000 for each “placement” of this and other “talking points” they receive on a regular basis from their “handlers.” When Julian Assange attacks Iran or Pakistan or says looking into 9/11 is a “waste of time,” he is earning a paycheck by responding to a “talking point” from his handler. We know exactly who that is, a fellow “activist” whose primary activity is stimulating infighting between groups that oppose wars Israel wishes to wage through surrogates. How it began The use of “armies” of bloggers to stay “on message” originated with White House political advisor, Karl Rove. Master propagandists, really providing cover for terrorism and espionage operations within the United States, included names like Krauthammer, Drudge, Breitbart, Limbaugh, North, Hagee and the entire Fox/Newscorp group. From this model, every special interest or demographic group has been penetrated and controlled. Those profiled and brought in first are the mentally/emotionally unstable, typically those with inadequate or narcissistic personality disorders, borderline sociopaths and, in particular, those whose lives closely resemble the typical biographical smears against Adolf Hitler, Franklin Roosevelt, Jimmie Carter, Al Gore or John F. Kennedy. Imagine the mind that would put these names together on an “enemies list.” The easiest targets are those close to the “occupy” movement, White Supremacists and neo-Nazi groups, all almost entirely Zionist-controlled, gun owners, “patriot groups” or those opposed to immigration and the broad brush that covers most “conservatives,” hatred of African Americans, Muslims, Jews and Catholics. In fact, when involved in real political “back room” discussions, race prejudice is seen as the greatest political tool to exploit, as recently noted in the Zimmerman/Martin murder trial. Thus, when you imagine the wake of nausea around the world at reading a news story stating that the United States supports Israel joining the five permanent members of the United Nations Security Council, the anger and revulsion, the sense of injustice, one might ask, where were the editors that should have put the story in the perspective it deserved. There was no story. GD/NN