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British Education Secretary Michael Gove has announced his national curriculum after revising it to include a module on the history of Islam. The changes were made after an early draft of the new history curriculum sparked widespread criticism for failing to make any reference to Islam. Muslims were especially outraged with the draft and the Muslim Council of Britain (MCB), which represents some 500 Islamic institutes in Britain, said it was “deeply disappointed” that the curriculum made no reference to Muslims and Islam. However, both Muslims and Christians welcomed the revisions to the curriculum, which will be introduced at public schools in 2014. Chairman of the Lancashire Council of Mosques Salim Mulla said the changes are “great” as everyone needs “a better understanding of all faiths”, especially of Islam, which is now the second biggest minority faith in Britain. “There is already a good understanding of Christianity taught in schools…. But I don’t think a lot of Christians really understand what the Muslim faith is about,” he said. Meanwhile, a spokesman for the Blackburn Diocese Board of Education said the DBE “endorses” the curriculum that is needed for “a fast changing globalized world”. “As is well known, the early Islamic civilizations gave much to the world - and we would certainly support the teaching of such an important part of world history,” the spokesman said. AMR/HE