Sat Jul 13, 2013 6:33AM
Journalists attempt to enter Istanbul's Taksim Square to protest the restrictions on media freedom in Turkey. But they are topped by police.
As hundreds of journalists had taken to the streets to protest the curbs on media freedom in Turkey, riot police intervened and prevented them from entering the Taksim Square. So the protesters staged a sit-in on Istiklal Street, which leads to the square. The journalists' protest was a show of solidarity with several Turkish journalists who have either quit or lost their jobs during the weeks of anti-government protests. They also wanted about 70 of their imprisoned colleagues to be freed. RTUK, or the Radio and Television Supreme Council, the media regulator responsible for monitoring, regulating and sanctioning electronic broadcast, has fined some media channels for broadcasting live coverage considered 'harmful for the development of young people'. Government pressure is observed to equal censorship of the media. Being unable to reach Taksim Square, the protesting journalists satisfied themselves with a sit-in on Istiklal Street, which lasted for about two hours. This is Gezi Park. Life in Gezi Park has returned back to normal. However, just a few miles away from me, at the back of Taksim Square where Istiklal Street leads on to Gezi Park, there was a major journalists' protest that started at about 7 o clock this evening, in Istanbul. Journalists were protesting because as they say many of them have lost their jobs. This was a protest to say we need freedom of speech and this is part of our democracy.