Sun Jul 7, 2013 5:21AM
As unrest escalates in Egypt, things get even tougher for the people in Gaza. Egyptian security forces have destroyed several tunnels since Thursday. Tunnels --which run under Gaza-Egypt border-, provide a life-line for Gazans because they bring in badly-needed vital supplies.
Egyptian army has increased its crackdown on tunnels between Gaza and Egypt following the toppling of President Mohammad Morsi. These days, you can see Egyptian bulldozers destroying tunnels along the border with Gaza more than any time in the past. Egyptian army has also deployed tanks which have pointed their guns towards Gaza. The once bustling tunnels area nestled between the southern town of Rafah and the Sinai Peninsula looks more like a ghost town. There’s no more transfer of goods or other vital commodities via the underground lifeline for the blockaded coastal enclave. The Egyptian army has also closed Rafah border crossing, Gaza’s only gate to the outside world that bypasses Israel. Thousands of travelers are currently stranded on both sides of the crossing. The crackdown on tunnels has affected all aspects of life for the Gazans. Most of Gaza’s fuel supplies used to come from the tunnels, and now hundreds of motorists queue for long hours just to get Israeli fuel which only comes ,in very limited amounts due to Tel-Aviv’s tight blockade. The Egyptian army’s campaign on tunnels began in March with flooding of the underground passages. With Egyptian forces increasing their crackdown along the border with Gaza following the ouster of President Mohammad Morsi many here feel as if they’ve been taken hostage by the political turmoil in Egypt.