Sun Jul 7, 2013 1:54AM
A recent report reveals that Israel secretly purchased uranium from Argentina in the 1960s. The United States was reportedly well aware of the deal. Argentine experts now accuse Washington of “double standards” regarding nuclear activities.
If you would get to know that Israel launched a secret plan to develop nuclear weapons under the strict protection of the United States, shouldn’t you wonder why Washington then pressures countries like Iran that has continuously worked to demonstrate the peaceful nature of its nuclear energy program? What if you learn Tel Aviv got the uranium from Argentina which has moved towards a new stance in relations with Tehran? An investigation published by the online magazine Foreign Policy indeed shows how the US and Israel bought over 80-100 tons of uranium oxide or “yellow cake” from the South American nation back in the 60´s in order to fuel its Dimona reactor and produce plutonium that can be used for weapons development. Based on recently declassified US intelligence documents, the report also describes how the US confirmed the information and kept silent about it. For the Argentine journalist and expert on geopolitical affairs Mr. Carlos Aznarez, the answer starts with one firm conviction: “It is not the US that rules Israel, it is Israel that rules the US”. The double standard of the White House over Israel also gets clear in the political arena. While the US denounces, opposes any single country with ambitions of progress, these intelligent reports clearly show to the international community that Washington has actually been fully aware for almost 50 years about the always-denied development of nuclear a weapons program by Israel and turned a blind eye because of its ever greedy economic and geopolitical concerns. The then administration of Argentina took all the necessary precautionary measures to avoid the misuse of the yellowcake by signing a clear and specific agreement with Tel Aviv on the pacific purpose of the sale; however Israel breached that commitment finally and used the nuclear material for its goals. The current government of Argentina has made yet no official comments on the 1964 yellow cake transaction, although a big part of the international community is eagerly waiting for those statements. The report that unveiled Israel's secret uranium purchase from Argentina also says that Britain and Canada were fully aware of Tel Aviv's nuclear ambitions. Israel has kept its Dimona reactor's information highly classified since the facility became operational 50 years ago.