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Sat Jul 6, 2013 2:8PM
Former British MP Derek Conway

Former British MP Derek Conway

Former British Conservative MP Derek Conway condemned the decision by the international Satellite providers to take dozens of Iranian channels, including Press TV, off the air. Speaking on Press TV’s weekly debate program Comment, Conway said, “I just wonder as someone who’s been involved in politics for 40 years of my life, how you can preach about freedom of speech, if you don’t encourage it”. “You don’t have to like what Iran says. What people have to say is of interest and you listen and maybe you disagree, maybe you go somewhere else for a view, it’s called freedom of speech”, he added. Conway, also a TV presenter, denounced the British and US governments for pressurizing satellite companies to close down any sort of broadcast that has “an Iranian or Farsi implication”, saying some viewers like to listen to programs in their Mother language. The removal of Iranian satellite channels has been tied to American sanctions against the Iranian government, passed by US President Obama in 2012. Iranian officials say they are determined to take legal action against the illegal media ban and are preparing to take the case to the United Nations (UN). Press TV and other Iranian satellite channels have been taken off the air regardless of mutual contracts and agreements in several Western countries including Britain, France, Germany and Spain. BGH/MOS/HE
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