Thu Jul 4, 2013 7:11AM
Nearly a dozen Palestinians have been abducted by Israeli forces in the occupied West Bank. A Palestinian journalist and a lawmaker are among those who were assaulted and then detained. The latest Israeli raid also caused the death of a 19-year-old boy. Human rights groups say there has been a surge in violence by Israeli forces against Palestinian protesters and the Palestinian media recording Israel's violations.
There has been an escalation of attacks and arrests against Palestinians by Israeli soldiers. The latest attack has caused one death and the brutal assault and arrest of a Palestinian Journalist and a Palestinian lawmaker. A funeral was later held for the Palestinian martyr, 19-year-old Muataz Adris Ashrawana, who was shot and then run over by an Israeli military jeep in al Khalil Hebron. Witnesses say the attack was intentional as Ashrawana was protesting against the Israeli raid of the camp. Furthermore, Israeli forces have raided the neighborhood of Kafr Aqab and detained lawmaker Abu Teir, claiming that he was a member of the résistance movement, Hamas. The same evening Israeli forces also raided the home of journalist and photographer Mohammed Waleed Al-Azzeh after raiding his family house in Aida Refugee Camp, north of Bethlehem. Al Azzeh’s family explained to Press TV the violent nature of the arrest. Al Azzeh stated that Mohammad’s crime was that he was taking pictures of Israeli soldiers attacking Palestinian children near al Aida Camp. Mohammad’s lawyer stated that he had been tortured during detention and is now being transferred to the Israeli Ofer military prison. Monjed Jadou of Palestine News Network stated that Palestinian journalists and law-makers are being targeted because they are informing and making transparent the continuous attacks by Israeli soldiers, to the international media. A Palestinian cartoonist who had also spread images of Israeli violations against on social media networks was released from prison after serving 5 months without charges or trial for ostensibly "contact with a hostile organization", although Israeli authorities remain unclear as to which organization and have shown no evidence. Mohammad Saba'aneh latest work was from behind prison which included a drawing of a man smuggled out of an Israeli prison. The arbitrary arrests and detention of Palestinians are in violation to international law and the fourth Geneva Convention, although Israel claims that such acts are legal under its military law. Attacks are escalating against Palestinians with one brutal murder and over 11 arrests this week. Although the Israeli army state that the circumstances of these arrests are for legitimate reasons, they are rarely held accountable or made to show evidence for these crimes.