Wed Jun 19, 2013 2:58AM
The latest surge in the number of U-S Marines in Yemen has sparked discussions among top American activists. Medea Benjamin, who’s the founder of the anti-war organization, Code Pink, visited members of the National Dialog Council in Yemen this week. She’s called on Yemenis to put an end to the U-S interventions in their country's affairs. Yousef Mawry reports from Sana’a.
Latest reports of U-S military deployments in Yemen have raised much concern among some of the country's top political officials who have on numerous occasions deemed such military intervention by the U-S as unlawful, and counterproductive. In addition to the continuous drone strikes which have killed many civilians under the so called war on terror, Yemeni lawmakers believe that such policies have also tarnished the basic pillars of Yemen's sovereignty. To get a full breakdown of the U-S intervention in Yemen, We interviewed the founder of the anti-war organization Code pink, Medea Benjamin, who is an outspoken critic of the U-S drone policy. The rise in U-S assassination drone operations in Yemen has increased the anti-US sentiments in the country. Yemenis say they feel their nation's sovereignty is being violated and what's even worse is that their government is not doing anything to stop it.