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Sun Jun 16, 2013 5:27AM
The file photo shows Czech Prime Minister Petr Necas (L) and President Milos Zeman

The file photo shows Czech Prime Minister Petr Necas (L) and President Milos Zeman

The Czech president has called on Prime Minister Petr Necas to resign over a massive corruption scandal in which eight public officials were charged with bribery or abuse of power. Milos Zeman said on Saturday that it was “rather clear” that Necas must quit as prime minister and that other politicians had questioned his integrity. “The scandal is so serious that Prime Minister Necas can’t simply sit it out,” said Social Democrat party leader Bohuslav Sobotka. The Social Democrats have called a no-confidence motion, which is likely to take place on June 18. Among those charged is Neca’s chief of staff Jana Nagyova, who was indicted on June 14 with complicity in the “abuse of power and with bribery.” The others, including military intelligence heads and former lawmakers, have also been charged with corruption or other alleged crimes. Earlier this week, Czech police raided the cabinet office and the defense ministry building in Prague. Police say Nagyova allegedly promised three former lawmakers from Neca’s conservative party well-paid jobs in state-run companies if they would quit the parliament. Authorities also found instances in which they accuse Nagyova of abusing power when she allegedly asked the head of Czech military intelligence to spy on three people, including the prime minister’s wife. Military intelligence chief Milan Kovanda was the only one who avoided police custody after confessing to his acts. The Czech Republic has been plagued by corruption since it declared independence from Slovakia in 1993. CAH/HSN
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