Sun Jun 16, 2013 3:29AM
Why is Jeffrey Goldberg, an Israeli propagandist, admitting that bathtubs are twenty-five times more dangerous than terrorists? After all, the whole “war on terror” is an Israeli invention - a psychological warfare operation designed to drag the West into perpetual war against Israel’s enemies.”
In my 2009 book Questioning the War on Terror I wrote: “Americans are thirty times more likely to die from lightning strikes, and ten times more likely to drown in their bathtubs, than to be killed by terrorists. Should we declare war against lightning bolts and bathtubs? Should we install PA systems in our bathrooms reminding us that the threat level of bathtub drowning has been raised to orange? Should we create a new Department of Bathtub Security (DBS) empowered to do sneak-and-peak warrantless searches of our bathrooms to make sure that we’re using no-slip bath-mats? Should we invade and occupy countries that we falsely blame for bathtub deaths?” It turns out I was wrong. Bathtubs are even more dangerous than I realized. In reality, Americans are TWENTY-FIVE times more likely to drown in a bathtub than to be killed by terrorists. I learned this from neoconservative writer Jeffrey Goldberg, of all people. Jeffrey Goldberg is an American citizen. But he chose to do his military service in the Israeli Defense Forces, not the U.S. military. While serving in the IDF, Goldberg was a prison guard. The prisoners he guarded were Palestinians, many of them children. Israel’s military is notorious for detaining and mistreating large numbers of children under sixteen years of age. It is also notorious for shooting children for sport as de facto national policy, as described by Chris Hedges in the article “Gaza Diary,” and confirmed by a British Medical Journal study of more than 600 Palestinian children shot dead by Israeli snipers. When you join the IDF, you are joining an organization that kidnaps, tortures, and murders innocent children. So Jeffrey Goldberg is not really my kind of guy. But Goldberg recently published an op-ed in which he admitted: “The annual risk of drowning in a bathtub is one in 800,000, while the annual risk of being killed by a terrorist is one in 20 million.” That means that bathtubs are about twenty-five times as dangerous as terrorists. Why is Jeffrey Goldberg, an Israeli propagandist, admitting that bathtubs are twenty-five times more dangerous than terrorists? After all, the whole “war on terror” is an Israeli invention - a psychological warfare operation designed to drag the West into perpetual war against Israel’s enemies. You would think Jeffrey Goldberg and other neocons would want us to fear terrorists more than bathtubs. In fact, Jeffrey Goldberg’s article “Terrorism vs. bathtubs: the false analogy on danger” is a counter-attack against my book Questioning the War on Terror. Goldberg believes my comparison of the relative risks of bathtubs and terrorism is a false analogy. Why is it false? Goldberg admits that bathtubs pose a vastly greater threat than terrorism. But, he argues, terrorism MIGHT someday become a greater threat than it is today. That is not a very persuasive argument. Many things - epidemics, global warming, war, nuclear meltdowns, tidal waves, earthquakes, hurricanes, tornados, food poisoning, environmentally-induced cancers, meteorite impacts, droughts, famines, solar flares, and attacks by roaming packs of flesh-eating zombies, among others - could someday become greater threats than they are today. In fact, all of these threats are vastly greater than the threat of terrorism. (Well, maybe not the zombies…) But the USA will not burn its Constitution, and declare eternal war on Israel’s enemies, due to fear of any of these things. There is only one fear that can accomplish that objective: The fear of terrorism. Why? Because the Zionist-dominated mainstream media has created an association between Islam and terrorism in the public mind. When I was teaching Islamic Studies at the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 2005, I began the first day of class by asking the students: “I am going to say a word, and I want you to shout out the first word that comes into your mind when you hear it.” Then I said: “Islamic…” And the students shouted out: “Terrorism!” Many of them laughed sheepishly. They knew that it was politically incorrect to say it so directly. And they were also laughing in slightly embarrassed acknowledgement that they had been brainwashed. And guess who brainwashed them? Zionist pundits like Jeffrey Goldberg. In his article about bathtubs and terrorism, Goldberg focuses entirely on terrorism attributed to Muslims. He claims that “individuals in the Islamist orbit” are seeking to become as dangerous as bathtubs, maybe even more dangerous, and ignores the 94% of terrorism in the USA that is committed by non-Muslims. For Goldberg, it is as if terrorism by non-Muslims didn’t exist. But even the American FBI admits that there are more terrorist attacks by Zionists than by Muslim extremists. And that’s not even counting the attacks of September 11th, 2001, which were attributed by the media to Muslims, but which researchers such as Christopher Bollyn have shown were actually perpetrated by Zionist extremists. Among those Zionist extremists were: Larry Silverstein, Netanyahu’s close friend, who admitted to blowing up World Trade Center 7 - and presumably also blew up the Towers, murdering thousands of Americans; legendary Mossad agent Mike Harari, who, Dimitri Khalezov tells us, threw a huge party to celebrate the success of the 9/11 operation, and bragged that he had helped orchestrate the attack; and the Israelis arrested with truckloads of explosives on the morning of 9/11 shortly before they were about to blow up New York’s bridges and tunnels. If Zionist extremists blow up any more skyscrapers (which seems plausible, given that Silverstein used some of his billions of dollars in WTC insurance fraud money to buy Chicago’s Sears Tower) they might even become as dangerous as bathtubs. But they would have to blow up about twenty-five skyscrapers with 2,500 people each, or fifty skyscrapers with 1,250 people each, before those Zionist terrorists became as lethal as bathtubs. The bottom line: Terrorism - especially Islamic-extremist terrorism - is not a significant threat to Americans. The war on terror is a hoax. So be afraid - be very afraid… Of bathtubs. KB/HSN