Sat Jun 15, 2013 5:30PM
Canada’s government has announced that it will be “monitoring” Iran’s election from afar. Just weeks ago, a Canadian judge found the country's own elections to be fraudulent. Analysts are arguing that Canada’s government should be more introspective and less concerned with meddling in other countries’ affairs.
One would have thought that the legitimacy of elections would be the last subject Canada’s ruling neoconservatives would want to raise in public. But this hasn’t stopped the Canadian government, in collaboration with the pro-Zionist Munk School of Global Affairs, announcing that it intends to “monitor” the Iranian elections from afar. The Canadian media and political class appears to be more concerned with the electoral process in Iran than with the electoral process in Canada. This as a federal judge recently confirmed that the 2011 election, which led to the formation of Prime Minister Stephen Harper's majority government, was a fraudulent election. Canada’s fanatically pro-Israel Foreign Minister has been working collaboratively on many Iran-related initiatives with the pro-Zionist Munk School of Global Affairs in recent months with the apparent goal of promoting regime change in Iran. The school bears the name of Peter Munk, who is an honorary board member of the Jewish National Fund and founder of the world’s largest gold mining company Barrick Gold. Critics, claim that such pro-Zionist forces really just want a subordinate Iran that will defer to Israeli Middle East hegemony. Twitter users did not miss the irony of Canada’s election-fraud-government lecturing Iran on how to hold free and fair elections. This twitter user, for example, opined: “This is rich. Canadians had better start monitoring elections here in Canada.”