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Fri Jun 14, 2013 3:44PM
Foreign-backed militants take position in Syria. (file photo)

Foreign-backed militants take position in Syria. (file photo)

It came as no surprise that when requested to provide a cover for more American military support for the Syrian rebels that the Intelligence community complied with the order. Such is the world we still live in, where the legacy of orchestrated provocations from the Cold War is still wrapped around our collective necks and a threat to us all. The international Intel community knew that the Syrian WMD card would be played when conveniently needed. Virtually all the 'red line' propaganda is just that, nothing more than preconditioning the public for events you want to take place down that road. What is scary about this current state of affairs is how casually it was rolled out. Because it does not matter what the public thinks about anything like this anymore in our so-called democracy, no effort is really made to sell them on policy. When you are lying, the more specific you are about the lie the more open you are to having the lie attacked and exposed. The PR spinmeisters all advise in that case just putting your conclusion out there with no backup for it whatsoever by claiming that the details are all classified. How convenient. Part of the rationale is that it establishes a formula which can be used over and over as a kind of institutionalized deception. What kind of government would want to be able to do that to its own people...a democracy? I don't think so. We are living under 'government by psy ops' now, where selling policy to the public to validate its support is replaced with an twisted adult version of the children's birthday party magic show where you entertain and distract them with tricks and gags while getting paid for it at the same time. There is some justification for that hype. The American public polls are not with the policy. A recent NBC/Wall Street Journal poll showed only 15% of Americans approving US military action in Syria, and less, 11%, approve arming the rebels. That may be the lowest approval for a foreign policy/war issue on record. So what we have here is our government does not care if the people are with them on what is in reality engaging in an offensive war against Syria. It turns the theme of government, “of the people, by the people and for the people,” on its ear. It is a lie...a black lie. But it appears that while the public may not approve it remains on its knees in terms dealing with a huge threat to the Republic. We have effectively surrendered to domestic politico-business gangsters. Our Intel feedback on the sarin hoax has been 90% consistent. What happened is exactly what everyone expected. The West had hoped that the Syrian military defections would gain momentum where the generals would try to save their own positions by going along with dumping Assad but remaining as part of a new coalition government. That did not happen. If you review the chronology you will see that when the defections stalled we began hearing about chemical weapons red lines, out of the blue, in an orchestrated press campaign. Everyone knew that was setting up a situation where any number of malevolent Western players would stage a sarin attack in Syria, the US, Britain, France, Israeli, or one of the Persian Gulf states, to kill people in one of the battleground cities and claim that Assad did it. An assumed close was done on the public that if rebels and civilians died, that only Assad would have had the motivation to do it. We have 100% agreement even within our the US Intel community sources that Assad would never use such weapons as they would be of no real strategic or even tactical value in his battle to survive. On the contrary, he would be handing his head over on a silver platter. Neither Assad nor his military people would be so stupid. The White House gave up the ghost really in their statement with this much hedged comment. The Intelligence community concluded with "high confidence" that the Assad regime had used chemical weapons, including the nerve agent sarin, “on a small scale against the opposition multiple times in the last year,” said Deputy National Security Advisor for Strategic Communications Ben Rhodes. And then a slightly different version that Assad... “has used chemical weapons, including the nerve agent sarin, on a small scale” against the foreign-backed Takfiri militants “multiple times in the last year.” Are we to believe that anyone in world would care (other than their supporters) about gas being used on the Al-Nusra gangs after the horrors they have committed? Or does the administration claim that this was an attack on an 'ally', their terrorist buddies brought in as a second flank using the Persian Gulf state proxies in what was supposed to be a pincher movement to collapse Assad? Who is more guilty of having engaged in war crimes and crimes against humanity? Who can beat out the West at this point for that gold medal? I don't want that on my personal tab so I am denouncing it as I always have. It was not only immoral, but was stupid. The next Intel analysis area you look to is what is not being said, where you often learn much more. With Russian support being a critical lifeline to the Syrian government you can bet your behind that some ground rules were laid about guarantees that nothing stupid would be done during the struggle like using chemical weapons. I suspect Iran might have sought similar assurances because that would complicate even the political support being offered. The claim the Assad government has used sarin gas is totally, 100%, nothing more than a complete hoax being trotted out in a card game where few cards are left to play. This has been picked up on by some of the international press. BBC diplomatic correspondent Jonathan Marcus brings in some badly needed fresh air with his reporting that Obama is throwing in with Britain and France that Assad cannot be allowed to prevent his country from being invaded by what is widely known to be a bunch of misfit Syrian expats looking to set themselves up in a new Syrian government, and then a whole mix or criminal and terrorist gangs in it for their own financial, political and religious conquest motives. Missing from any Western government statements is even the slightest acknowledgement that the war is no longer against the Assad regime, but against the Syrian people who correctly see themselves defending their country against a variety of outside invaders. Western 'democracies' have hooked up with Persian Gulf state-funded terrorists to destroy Syria whose only international conflict has been in supporting the Palestinian freedom movement from persecution by the Israelis. When it comes to blood on its hands for cruel oppression, the US's corrupt and heartless backing of all Israeli crimes against the Palestinians makes Assad look like a choir boy. This cannot be washed off as it it is written in blood and carved into too many headstones now. We have usually been on the wrong side...never with the people, always with their oppressors as long as they played ball with American geopolitical interests. During the Cold War was a different situation, with at least a fig leaf of defense justification. But now, it is just wanton aggression, and clear for all to see. The problem now lies in the American war elites not caring what anyone thinks, proof that we have our own tyrant problems to deal with where American military power has become a permanent tool for American business interests. Marine General Smedley Butler, with his two Medals of Honor, had it right way back when he reflected that he had been nothing more than enforcement muscle for American colonial business interests. I fear that not much has changed, and we need to face up to it. JD/KA
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