Wed Jun 12, 2013 5:56AM
Germany has hosted an international conference entitled “Policies against Hunger 2013”. The event has brought together working groups to discuss ways for reaching the 2015 U-N Millennium Development Goals. Beatriz Barragan reports from Berlin.
Berlin is once again host to the International Conference “Policies against Hunger.” Lots has been achieved towards meeting the UN Millennium Development Goals. However two years left to the 2015 deadline, Goal # 1 which aims to eradicate poverty and hunger is far from being accomplished. 12.5% of the world population is undernourished in terms of energy intake. 870 million people go hungry every day yet this is only a fraction of an even larger amount of the malnourished population including the 1.4 billion people who are overweight and the 500 million obese. Germany’s Minister for Economic Cooperation and Development was invited for the first time to the Policies against Hunger Conference. International Conferences like Policies Against Hunger work on applying and developing guidelines that will contribute towards food security and reducing world hunger by the UN Millenium Goal of 2015.