Sun Jun 9, 2013 6:50AM
A terrorist attack in Tunisia has left 2 soldiers dead in the country’s west. Lawmakers fear armed confrontations between government forces and terrorist groups -- which were restricted to mountain regions a few weeks ago -- have now spread to different cities. Adnen Chaouachi reports from Tunis.
On Thursday, a land mine exploded on a road in the governorate of Kasserine in western Tunisia. A military vehicle was destroyed, 2 soldiers were killed while 2 others are still in critical condition. The citizens of the region have denounced the wave of terrorism which has hit their city and the rest of the country following Tunisia’s revolution. The Higher Security Council met in the Capital city Tunis to discuss urgent measures to protect the North African country from the spread of terrorist attacks perpetrated by groups linked to Al Qaeda and the Takfiri movement Lawmaker Moncef Sheikh Rouhou has expressed growing public fear and has called for an increase in the number of anti-terrorist units Security experts assert that the war on terror requires more logistical means and warn that the capital Tunis could be the target of violent attacks. Since the beginning of the military operations in the Chaambi Mountains, less than 300 soldiers have been deployed in a 100 square km area. Experts say the region requires at least 5000 soldiers to prevent armed men from transforming Tunisia into a safe haven for training of militias and the export of terrorism According to military sources, the terrorist cells which have established training camps in mountainous regions have organized their ranks to operate in cities. Analysts and lawmakers believe a war on terror has just begun in Tunisia.