Sat Jun 8, 2013 4:14PM
There's growing outrage worldwide over the Obama Administration’s surveillance programs that essentially spy on Americans through the Internet and on their cell-phones. Canadian citizens are also angered by the policy.
The bombshell leaked by American and British newspapers saying the US government has a secret security program called PRISM where the government is tapping not only into Americans cell phones, but also into leading internet services such as Google, YouTube and Facebook has outraged many Americans, questioning their civil liberties, the Obama Administration and technology providers, but they are not alone, the news is just as unsettling globally. Obama defends the program and says his administration struck the right balance between security and privacy. Residents here are skeptical and say what American does Canada usually follows. There have not been reports indicating Canada is doing such spying as the American government. But it has been released the conservative government spied on aboriginals and the government says to combat terrorism it uses surveillance on people they suspect without telling. Since the reports were released Google, Facebook and others have denied they take part in such a program. Unfortunately, it does little to settle feelings for many. Obama says the newspapers are inaccurate and the government’s surveillance is legal and limited. Causing more controversy, it has not also been reported the Obama ordered an overseas target list to step up cyber attacks. The identity of the person who gave documents to the newspapers has not been released but is said to be upset of what is a gross intrusion of privacy by the Obama Administration.