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Tue Jun 4, 2013 3:37AM
Representatives of Iran and the P5+1 group of world powers hold talks in Almaty, Kazakhstan, February 27, 2013.

Representatives of Iran and the P5+1 group of world powers hold talks in Almaty, Kazakhstan, February 27, 2013.

While the whole world was going through the worst recession in the lifetimes of many, using the bogus Iran threat to keep energy prices inflated was nothing more than an ongoing gas pump robbery of everyone on the planet.”
I can’t say that I hate to tell you so, but word is leaking out that the next IAEA report will confirm that every gram of Iran’s monitored nuclear material has been accounted for. This comes as no surprise to us at Veterans Today because our nuclear expert, Clinton Bastin who lives right here in Atlanta with me, has been telling us for years that the whole nuke threat campaign was a huge hoax from beginning to end. Why should anyone pay any attention to what Clinton has to say? Well, for starters he was a forty-year employee of the early Atomic Energy Commission, starting work as a chemical engineer after fulfilling his WWII Marine officer tour. When the AEC became the Dept. of Energy he went on to become a world-renowned expert in nuclear reprocessing, weapons design and proliferation, eventually becoming president of the Dept. of Energy’s nuclear workers union. We brag about Clinton not because we are egotistical, but because in a world filled with professional disinformation put out for all kinds of nefarious reasons to exploit people, you have to have access to the top talent to help see through the smoke and mirrors. And by top talent, I mean the best in the world… because the stakes are that high. There is plenty of shame to go around, not only for the IAEA who has had video cameras on all of Iran’s nuclear material around the clock, but all the Western media, Intel agencies and politicians who got briefed that any diversion could be detected right away. The threat hoax was not a border line one, but a full blown criminal conspiracy by any definition… regardless of their technical immunity. As for damages, the hoax was a key factor in manipulating the price of oil futures which lined the pockets of operators working with Israel who always knew when their bomb Iran rhetoric was going to be up one week or down the next so their trader friends could go long or short on oil accordingly. Clinton Bastin was always right. Bastin’s criticism of all the Iran nuclear threat hoaxers has been just withering, the flame thrower version. And he has claimed that many of the IAEA people involved in the ‘inspections’ don’t know anything about building nuclear weapons and hence are totally ignorant of any signs to look for. Here are just a few of his gems (Dec. 2011). Regarding David Albright’s comical assertion that 20% enriched material ‘could be’ used to make a bomb: “He [Albright] said theoretically you could - but you could not. A gun-type weapon would require several tons of highly enriched uranium, and wouldn’t make sense. Anyway, that’s not a real concern under these circumstances. To make a bomb, Iran would not only have to further enrich the uranium in its existing facilities - which would be difficult to do - but after they complete further enrichment, they would have to convert the gas to metal. Iran doesn’t have the facilities or experience to do that. It would take years. The most important thing to realize is that any diversion of uranium for further enrichment or anything else would be immediately detected… [especially] from a gas centrifuge facility.” What will not be disclosed in the IAEA’s report that all those in a position to know there had not been a diversion, never said so. They became part of the con game working against the rest of us. I hope some soul searching will follow and also some public roastings of all the political entities who exploited this manufactured fear as some kind of a justifiable game theory war play of the West versus Iran’s Islamic Revolution as the new Cold War ‘light’. It was not. Oil Price Manipulation While the whole world was going through the worst recession in the lifetimes of many, using the bogus Iran threat to keep energy prices inflated was nothing more than an ongoing gas pump robbery of everyone on the planet. Said Gordon Duff who has traded oil during part of his very diversified career: “The supply and demand of oil is such a tight market that even a drop of 1% in demand has historically crashed the oil markets. But here we had a situation like in Europe for example, where demand was down 20% and oil prices went up. I estimate that based on demand in the US that we should have been paying about $1.80 a gallon. Everything above that was a price manipulation theft.” Corporate media never touched any of this with a ten foot pole. The countries of the world were looking for any possible ways to slow down the loss of jobs which was spiraling down government revenues. They needed to stimulate demand for production other than by deficit financing, which was undermining the foundations of many financial systems. But the extra $1 to $1.50 price inflation per gallon here in the US, that money being left in consumers’ pockets would have had a tremendous positive effect on rebounding our economy. The refined gasoline supply was so high here that we have been exporting it for some years now, unknown to the public. Storage facilities all over the world were full to the brim with oil, and new huge reserves were being discovered all the time. How multinational corporations actually loot themselves The Koch brothers were renting supertankers at bargain prices and making a fortune trading in futures. Did they have insider knowledge about future events or threats? I will let you be the guess of that. If you remember the Libyan War came out of nowhere and cut off their European supplies for a period. Few wondered if these events were being orchestrated. But for Intel analysts, one of the first questions they start with is, “Why now?” Only just recently has the financially broke EU opened an investigation into not only price rigging but the diversion of the profits into secret offshore accounts, the amounts of which are beyond most people’s imagination, trillions and trillions of dollars. EU finance ministers are starting to realize that the stolen offshore money is the only real source for debt repayment for many countries to ever get them out of the austerity swamps they find themselves in. Here is a rundown on how companies loot themselves. It is not just in the high prices they get for their commodities or products (war production), although that is a good start. They have to have ‘high costs’ to justify their high prices if investigated. Bogus invoicing is the magic tool. Nowhere is this easier to do that in worldwide oil operations where on a major project you are often dealing with hundreds of contractors, everything from exploration to design and engineering, construction, security (costs going way up), to normal operations. The accounting is a blizzard of invoices coming in, often from shell companies owned by insiders where ghost invoices are being paid for services never rendered or vastly marked up. It is an old game. On a typical large construction project 10% will be skimmed off the top from the git go. They also will have subsidiaries who are real companies that do deliver products and services, but there will be another 10% skimming done at that level. I think you are all smart enough to get the picture of how it works. As Gordon likes to say, “Welcome to the real world.” A very large part of all the trillions sitting in offshore accounts is all looted, stolen money by some of the most well-known and legendary personages of the planet. But their names are not on the accounts. It’s all ‘corporation’ money, with other corporations (which they own) in other tax havens as shareholders. Sharing the stolen loot is good business. Of course no taxes were ever paid on any of this looted money, although they do have a somewhat different way of sharing it with society. They make huge payoffs to political, military, and even Intelligence people to make sure they never have any serious investigation problems with their mega theft operations. Anyone that can be a real threat… they just cut them in. But there is a part two to this scam… the war part. These same elitists who like to work in the major commodities businesses are often diversified into the military industrial complexes of the major national players. When commodity market cycles are down, a war can always be cranked up to pick up the slack. They look at it as a self-insurance program. If need be we borrow to pay for the wars they need to boost up their bottom lines and keep those invoices flowing. You can see now how the ‘War on Terror’ played into all of this. I was surprised to see them testing our response shortly after 911 by openly stating that the WoT would go on for at least ten years. But that was low balling. I don’t think they ever plan on stopping it. To them it’s like hurricane, flood and tornado business that will always be there. Afghanistan was top on the list as it gave them control over the $60 billion a year opium and heroin production, a money launderer’s dream come true. That money has flowed like a river into political campaigns all over the Western world. The US Supreme Court even legalized it flowing into our political campaigns through corporations, including foreign ones, that became people. Persian Gulf Arab Royals funding terrorism as a sport - with pocket change now The high oil prices have left the Saudis and Persian Gulf states flush with cash and they are doing their part by funding the proxy war in Syria. The Russians have now come in with their S-300s and 400s. They tell us Med fleet deployment is permanent, and they are building newer ships and building a modern nuclear missile submarine fleet. American military contractors will now be screaming that they need more funding to counter this threat, when the threat is actually us. The Russians and Chinese are not protecting their worldwide network of offensive, forward deployed military bases. We are. And we want to borrow money from them to do it. It is totally crazy on multiple levels. The only good sign is that Israel losing its Dolphin sub and over-responding with the nuclear bunker buster strike in Damascus rolled the red carpet out for the Russians to make a totally justifiable defensive deployment. No one has said it yet, so I will. The Russians are the new ‘red line’. And that fact was the result of total, abject, horrible Western leadership, and one that will be taught in military academies for the next hundred years. JD/HSN
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