Thu May 30, 2013 7:41PM
Marking the World MS Day; Iran’s M. S. Society has held a ceremony to commemorate the World MS Day to focus attention on the disease which damages the body’s nerve system. World MS Day is the only global awareness raising campaign for the disease. Every year Iran for its part launches such a campaign to provide the public with information about MS and how it affects the lives of people often between 20-40 years old. The uneven distribution of MS worldwide has been the subject of investigation over the last few decades. Although the main cause of MS is still unclear, genetic susceptibility as well as other factors including age, latitude, trauma, gender, pregnancy, race, viral infections and psychological and behavioral factors have been studied. Iran is among the countries that produce part of its domestic needs of MS drugs, but experts say the US unilateral sanctions against the country have created problems for patients. Marking the day, a group of Iranian MS patients have cycled from South of Tehran to the North to show that Multiple Sclerosis does not necessarily mean paralysis or lower quality of life. Globally MS affects women more than men. The disease can be mild but some people lose the ability to write, speak or walk. Medicines can only slow disease progression and help control symptoms.