Mon May 27, 2013 2:18AM
More groups and individuals are stepping forward across the United States claiming they have been bullied by the Internal Revinue Service. This after it was revealed that the agency has been acting as a partisan entity targetting conservative groups
Since the news broke that IRS agents deliberately targeted numerous conservative and Tea Party groups applying for tax-exempt status it has opened the Pandora's box on the extent of violations by the agency. Now, Republican lawmakers are hearing complaints from their constituents of wider IRS intimidation that goes beyond the agency's targeting of conservative organizations. Lawmakers in the House and Senate say they’ve been told of other examples of bullying since the IRS apologized for targeting Tea Party groups. Rep. Patrick Tiberi (R-Ohio) is one of many lawmakers who has come forward admitting that there are a slew of complaints coming in. Sen. Tom Coburn for his part said that his office is investigating complaints from those who claim they were audited by the IRS after making substantial donations to Mitt Romney's 2012 presidential campaign. VOX While President Obama denounced the IRS actions as "outrageous", the controversy is without a doubt dogging the President and his administration. WIth Republicans urging their constituents to step forward with complaints, the question many are asking is whether the White House knew of the political meddling and bias. VOX According the the Washington Post,individuals opposed to the president were systematically persecuted to the run up to the elections. Businessmen and donors to Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney, such as Frank VanderSloot, were audited. Mr. VanderSloot’s Idaho cattle farm was fined more than $80,000, and he's not the only one VOX The acting commissioner of the agency was forced to resign over the matter, and Speaker John Boehner has suggested criminal charges could be filed. Vox Stand up: The Obama administration is battling three controversies at once from the IRS scandal, to the Justice Department seizing journalists' phone records to the attack in Benghazi that left Americans dead. it's yet to be seen to what extend these scandals will matter and whether or not the consequences will be irreversible for those involved.