Sat May 25, 2013 7:58AM
British Foreign Secretary William Hague has let Tel Aviv know London does not care about “some animosities” against the Israeli regime in British media following a complaint by a top Israeli official. Yuval Steinitz, a close confidant of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, had told The Daily Telegraph that Tel Aviv is “concerned about … what we see as some animosities and some incitement in Britain, in the media, made by NGOs against Israel”. He had expressed hopes that Hague could help address the issue in an upcoming visit to Tel Aviv. However, the British secretary snubbed Steinitz, saying the blame lies with the regime itself. "Israel has lost some of its support in Britain and in other European countries over time - this is something I've often pointed out to Israeli leaders - because of settlement activity, which we condemn,” Hague told Sky News. "We strongly disagree with settlements on occupied land. Israel is a country we work with in many ways but we do disapprove of settlements,” he added. Hague said the settlements are a “severe threat to a two-state solution” in the occupied territories. Despite the western support for the Israeli war crimes against the Palestinians, especially in the Gaza Strip, London and other European governments have recently frowned on the Israeli regime’s further expansion of its settlements. Following the Palestinians success to gain a “non-member observer entity” status in the United Nations based on a UN General Assembly vote last November, the regime announced a set of retaliatory moves including a new settlement building plan in the E1 area of Israeli occupied lands that would cut the Palestinians lands in two. Back in December, British Foreign Office listed the Israeli regime’s human rights record as one "of particular concern” in its quarterly report on human rights, over the Zionist entity's brutal attack on the Gaza Strip in November and its new settlement expansion plans. The move against the regime came after London’s warnings that the regime's illegal settlements, especially the new buildings planned in E1 area, alienate its international allies. AMR/HE