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Wed May 22, 2013 9:3AM
Italian member of parliament Nico Stumpo

Italian member of parliament Nico Stumpo

An Italian member of parliament has urged the center-right politicians to step away from a far-right party and condemn its racist acts against the new black Integration Minister Cecile Kyenge. The push from Nico Stumpo from the Democratic Party comes as the New Force (Forza Muova) has lately been racially attacking the minister. “The New Force has exceeded all limits,” said Stumpo, adding “We are faced with yet another act of intimidation against the Democratic Party and against Minister Cecile Kyenge.” In its latest attack on May 18, some New Force members went to the Democratic Party office in the city of Bari and left a pickaxe painted in red, referring to a recent killing of an Italian man by an immigrant. The group also left posters saying “Kyenge Resign” and “No to birthright citizenship law.” This comes while the minister plans to push for legislation that would allow children born in Italy to immigrant parents to get automatic citizenship instead of waiting until 18 to apply. Stumpo said that the attacks “are uncivilized and shameful” acts inspired by “vulgar racism.” The parliamentarian, who is against terming the incident as a pure provocation, said, “Let's call a spade a spade,” stressing that the party will not be intimidated by such acts of violence. On May 27, Kyenge, an eye doctor, was sworn in as the new Italian minister of integration, making her the first black cabinet minister. CAH/PR
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