Sun May 19, 2013 12:20AM
Muslim mothers have been joined by non-Muslim mothers in France in their fight for religious freedom. They say the country’s new regulations prevent them from dropping their children at school and picking them up, as schools are now being obliged to respect secularism laws.
Equal rights for all mothers: This is what these families and civil rights groups are protesting about. They claim mothers with headscarves and burqas are facing discrimination because of a new regulation. Mothers say dropping and fetching their young children at school in the morning and in the afternoon has become a difficult task. Schools have started objecting to mothers with headscarves, arguing that such outward signs of religious practice go against the French law of religious neutrality in state-run institutions. Mothers also say, not all schools are discriminatory. Muslim women with headscarves and burqas in France say they have the support of women of all different faiths because they consider this not just a problem of religious expression but also as a problem of civil liberties. Women in other parts of Europe face similar problems as well. A physical sign of being a Muslim, like the headscarf, brings scorns and hateful remarks. These women know, they will face more struggles with their headscarves. And they say, at all costs, they will defend their rights of motherhood.