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Sat May 18, 2013 8:24AM
A file photo of flooding in China

A file photo of flooding in China

The death toll from rainstorms that battered southern China this week has reached 55 with at least 14 others missing, Chinese authorities say. The Chinese Ministry of Civil Affairs said Saturday that storms and flooding and landslides have hit at least nine provinces in the country since Tuesday. It said Guangdong province was the hardest, with 36 deaths and 10 missing people, followed by Jiangxi province, where six people are reported dead and four more missing. The Guangdong Provincial Flood Prevention and Drought Relief Headquarters have said that over 2,600 houses were destroyed and some 650,000 people in the province were affected by the heavy rains. In July 2012, at least 12 people were killed and one went missing in flooding caused by torrential downpours which hit most areas of southwestern and northern China. Twenty-four people lost their lives and 40 others were injured after torrential rains struck the Minxian county in China's northwestern Gansu Province in May 2012. MSH/HN
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