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Wed May 15, 2013 6:36AM
File photo shows the US-owned Grasberg mine in Indonesia.

File photo shows the US-owned Grasberg mine in Indonesia.

Rescuers say at least four people have been killed after a tunnel at a US-owned gold and copper mine collapsed in eastern Indonesia. According to police reports on Wednesday, rescue teams found four bodies and managed to save 10 miners at the Grasberg mine in Papua Province’s remote Mimika district. Officials say as many as 27 other workers remain trapped under the collapsed cave. “We don’t want to be careless because the terrain surrounding the old tunnel is prone to collapse,” Papua police spokesman Lt. Col. Gede Sumerta Jaya said. Sumerta added that many of the rescued men have suffered cuts and broken bones. About 40 miners were taking part in safety training when the tunnel collapsed. The cause of the collapse on Tuesday remains unknown. The Grasberg mine is the world’s largest gold mine and third largest copper mine. It is owned by Phoenix, Arizona-based Freeport-McMoran Copper & Gold Inc. More than 20,000 workers are currently employed at the mine. SZH/PR
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