Tue May 14, 2013 7:0AM
US President Barack Obama has paid a fund-raising visit to New York City, where he was greeted by more than a thousand Occupy protesters. They demanded action on a variety of causes, ranging from ending corporate governance to environmental reforms.
Drums beat and voices chanted in unison as more than a thousand Occupy protesters closed in a fundraiser attended by US President Barack Obama at the Waldorf Astoria. Hundreds called for Obama to stand up against "fracking" -- the practice of using chemicals to extract natural gas that studies have shown to be bad for the environment. Weissman also protested new corporate trade agreements -- such as the Trans-Pacific Partnership -- which activists say grant unprecedented corporate power at the expense of labor and environmental interests. Now every protester -- at least that we spoke with here tonight -- voiced a certain amount of displeasure between Obama the campaigner -- and Obama the President. Many of them say there couldn't be more of a difference in the two. Many demonstrators say that when so much money is needed to run for President -- its inevitable that a candidate will end up working for the corporate good -- no matter which political party he or she belongs to. More than a dozen clean energy groups were represented -- and other protesters spoke out about the lackluster federal response to Hurricane Sandy victims. Obama has proven to be the most capable campaign fundraiser in American history -- raising nearly three quarters of a billion dollars for his last presidential campaign. The money came from a wide variety of different places -- including bundles from trade groups and educational institutions -- and corporations such as Microsoft and Google. Protesters pointed out broken campaign promises from the President -- including vows to close Guantanamo and shut down US wars in the Middle East.