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Tue May 7, 2013 6:2PM
File photo of US President Barack Obama and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

File photo of US President Barack Obama and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

The Zionist-controlled US media has schemed against the public, fooling them into accepting the false idea that the religion of Islam accepts violence, Press TV reports. “The American media, the Zionist media has made it look like it is Islam to be condemned, and it is Islam as the criminal,” said Hisham Tillawi, the host of Current Issues TV and radio. The journalist went on to condemn Zionists for brainwashing people into believing the false concept that the religion of Islam is associated with terror acts including the Boston Marathon bombings and the September 11 attacks. “Anyone with elementary knowledge knows that the religion [of Islam] does not condone the killing of civilians, the killing of children…Even at a time of battle - the Prophet (PBUH) told soldiers going into battle ‘don’t kill women and children’,” Tillawi said. The activist added that the Zionists seek a clash of civilizations and “it is no secret that the Zionist media and the Zionists out there would love to see the Christian world against the Muslim world so they can be on top of the world basically - whatever is left of it.” The Zionist regime under Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has been making huge efforts in the past years to press the US and other Western allies to join its military and sanctions endeavors against nations in the Middle East and Africa - including Iran, Lebanon and Syria - with fabricated claims. “This has really nothing to do with the religion at all. It has to do with politics - it is the politics of civilizations that supposedly will be in conflict. They are moving according to this agenda that if you have the Western civilization against the Islamic civilization then probably those people who are planning this conflict of civilizations will win at the end,” Tillawi concluded. GMA/PR
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