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One in five British families have been forced to borrow money or use savings to pay for food in April, British consumer group Which? says. According to the group, around five million British families needed to use credit cards or savings to cover their food costs with 80 percent of them saying they are worried about food prices. The study by Which? found that 55 percent of such families plan to reduce spending on food in the coming months while others feel they cannot cut back any further as they are already at the end of their rope. The consumer group added that 31 percent, mainly women aged between 30 to 49 years old, had even cut back into spending on essentials last month. The group also said that most of those struggling to feed their families are aged 30-49 with children with almost half of such families earning £21,000 or lower annually. Which? executive director Richard Lloyd said in reaction to the findings that they were shocking adding “I didn't realize so many people can't afford to cover their monthly food bill”. AMR/HE