Mon Apr 29, 2013 3:2AM
Egypt's President Mohamed Morsi has met with senior judges at the presidential palace. The meeting was aimed at discussing ways to put an end to the ongoing disputes over the future of the country's judicial system
After nearly four hours of talks, President Mohamed Morsi has agreed to hold a conference aimed at discussing the future of the judicial system in Egypt. Discussing project laws to be later presented to the Shura Council is also on the agenda. Egypt's judges have escalated the tone of their defiance to what they describe as unprecedented assault on the country’s Judiciary. Ahmed el Zend, head of the judges club said during a clubs' emergency meeting that members will be boycotting any meeting with the presidency till the judicial project laws are discarded. The legislative amendments proposed by President Morsi's ruling Freedom and Justice Party include lowering the age of retirement and subsequently forcing almost 3000 judges into early retirement. On another front, the Muslim Brotherhood accuses many judges of being 'foloul' or remnants of the previous regime who abuse their position in order to counter the revolution which ousted longtime dictator Hosni Mubarak in 2011. Egypt's Judiciary is the latest battleground between the president and his opponents, but how this conflict will play out remains to be seen as the president has called for a justice conference aimed at discussing the future of the country's judicial system.