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Fri Apr 26, 2013 1:29PM
Jordanian protesters burn American flags during an anti-US protest in Amman. (File Photo)

Jordanian protesters burn American flags during an anti-US protest in Amman. (File Photo)

Jordanians have staged an anti-US demonstration in the capital, Amman, to protest against the proposed deployment of US troops on the kingdom’s border with Syria. Hundreds of Jordanian protesters took to the streets on Friday to express their opposition to the planned deployment of 200 US troops in their country, AP reported. The demonstrators said the deployment could be just the beginning of a process that paves the way for US interference in the Syrian unrest. They also burned American flags. They also said that they do not want to see a US-led invasion of Syria, like the 2003 war in Iraq, based on faulty intelligence about weapons of mass destruction. "No to US troops in Jordan. This is not in our national interest," the demonstrators chanted. US Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel said on April 17 that Washington is sending an additional 200 troops to Jordan to help contain the violence in Syria, increasing speculations that US is setting the stage for intervention in Syria. The planned deployment comes as the Pentagon has recently reviewed military options for Syria. Hagel has called military intervention in Syria "an option, but an option of last resort." There have been several dozen American troops, mainly special forces, in Jordan since last year. Jordan’s opposition party, the Islamic Action front, has also denounced the presence of American troops in the kingdom and has asked the government to review its decision to authorize the deployment of foreign troops on Jordan’s soil. HM/JR
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