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Fri Apr 19, 2013 9:6AM
Interview with Eric Draitser

Interview with Eric Draitser

The fall of Obama’s approval rating really signifies that there are many segments of the American population that are tired of Obama’s rhetoric that are no longer buying the propaganda of hope and change.”
A political commentator says Americans are tired of the ‘hope and change’ rhetoric of US President Barack Obama and are losing more faith in the administration. A new poll shows that President Obama’s job approval rating has dropped to its lowest since his reelection. The latest poll carried out by the Associated Press-GfK found that Obama’s overall job approval stands at 50 percent with 47 percent disapproving. The poll also found that 52 percent disapprove of his economic stewardship, up from 48 percent last September. Press TV talks with Eric Draitser, founder of from Madison. The following is an approximate transcript of the interview. Press TV: What do you believe is the root cause of this disapproval of the government? Draitser: Undoubtedly, the root cause of this is the economic depression that is gripping the United States and much of the capitalist world these days. What you see in the United States is the attempt to push this propaganda line that we are having a recovery using whatever manipulated statistics they can when in reality try to conceal the fact that we are seeing a conversion of the economy into a low wage one. When they talk about job creation, it is the creation of low wage jobs. When they talk about housing development, it is the creation of apartments and temporary housing as opposed to homes, because so many Americans have been kicked out of their homes due to foreclosure and the list goes on and on. The vast majority of this sentiment that you are pointing out is due to the economic crisis. Unfortunately, most Americans do not really pay close attention to foreign policy, to issue of war and peace. They see them as peripheral issues, things that are always in the news but the economy I think the primary driver of these numbers and the fall of Obama’s approval rating really signifies that there are many segments of the American population that are tired of Obama’s rhetoric that are no longer buying the propaganda of hope and change. Press TV: So then, how dangerous will this be for the government going forward? Draitser: Well, it depends on how we are looking at the government. I mean if you are looking at the Obama administration, Obama is not up for election ever again. So to his mind, I think he is really in legacy building mode, but what we are seeing is the de-legitimization of the government itself, that is to say faith in the US government, whether it was the nearly universally reviled criminal Bush administration or the criminal Obama administration or any other administrations before it. Many Americans are beginning to wake up slowly but surely to realizing that we do not have a democracy. We do not have a democratically elected government. We have a puppet government that serves as a front for a transnational imperial system, Obama, Clinton, Bush, whomever. They all represent those same corporate interests. Press TV: You mentioned foreign policy is not being one of the priorities of most Americans. How will that hurt them though in the future, considering the fact that the US has spread its wings so far? Draitser: It is a shameful commentary on the state of the US population. The fact of the matter is that the United States is engaging in ramping imperialism, perpetuating genocides all over the world, waging economic warfare and subversion against peaceful nations like Iran and others. So it speaks volumes about the disconnected nature of the United States. But remember also that in the midst of an economic depression, people’s primary concern is going to be survival for themselves and their family and I think that is the reason why I am saying that this is what is driving these numbers more so than foreign policy, though of course more people are waking up to the fact that the United States is a war machine and hopefully slowly but surely we can chip away at that and roll back this empire. MSK/HSN
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