Tue Apr 16, 2013 7:26AM
Thousands of families have lost their homes due to the current economic crisis in Spain. 2012 ended with nearly 15 thousand evictions in Madrid. To alleviate the problem, officials have decided to rent 1000 flats at a low price, a measure that still doesn't seem to be working for so many.
The Spanish Association of Registrars considers that during 2012 over 30 thousand houses were seized by the banks and another 11 thousand houses were used as a pay in kind for unpaid mortgages. After blocking out the guaranty of a pay in kind for all the evicted, the government has decided to put on their best face and grant 1000 flats in Madrid for those who most need it. This is the first one. Other citizens, living just a mile away from this house, are protesting against the Public Housing Company of Madrid. They rented over 5 years ago when prices where at their highest, and now with the crisis, are paying 3 times more than other people in the same conditions. The government of Andalusia, who have decided to seize empty flats in hands of the banks in order to put them on a social housing stock, have presented a different approach in the solution of this problem. One of the methods that the evicted are using for their cause is a term called “scratches” where citizens wait outside the building or home of some politicians, demonstrating their anger and claiming for a solution to their problems. Government leaders have compared these citizens with Nazis. With over 10000 families evicted in the capital of Spain, the government of Madrid feels proud to announce that they’re offering 1000 flats for those who mostly need it. The same government who banned the possibility of a pay in kind for all these people.