Mon Apr 8, 2013 10:19PM
Freedom at last. A Palestinian is freed from an Israeli jail after nearly 3-decades. Ibrahim Baroud was 23 years old when he was arrested by Israeli forces.
Israel has released Palestinian prisoner Ibrahim Baroud after 27 years behind bars. Baroud a prominent figure in the Islamic Jihad Movement in Palestine surprised the families of prisoners who were holding their weekly sit-in in front of the Red Cross Office by showing up there before going to his house. Prisoner’s advocacy groups demanded that all Palestinian prisoners should be set free. Baroud received a hero’s welcome in the Jabalia refugee camp where he was born and raised. In an exclusive interview with Press TV he accused the western powers of being behind the suffering of Palestinians. For many years his family was prevented from seeing him. His father died three years ago while Ibrahim was in Israeli custody. Only last year his elderly mother has managed to visit him in jail. Statistics show that Israel arrested close to eight hundred thousand Palestinians since 1967. Despite the release of Ibrahim Baroud after nearly three decades of incarceration, thousands of Palestinians continue to endure inhumane conditions in Israeli prisons and detention centers.