Mon Apr 8, 2013 7:13AM
Despite the re-election of Stephen Harper as Canada's prime minister, a new poll reveals that two-thirds of Canadians believe that he and his Conservative government are too secretive and have failed to govern with high ethical standards. This has led some activists to come together and speak out
It appears a growing number of Canadians say Prime Minister Harper and the Conservative Party no longer care about the opinion of the Canadian people. Some activists in Canada say the time is now to take back the country. Fed up with political deception, this weekend Canadians launched a nationwide yet peaceful action against the government. Harper has been under harsh criticism for his interest in the oil and gas industry, while some say he overlooks broader interests of all Canadians. Others say there are few things the government is doing with citizens' approval. They say Harper had already promised that no more Canadian Companies or Corporations would be sold to Foreign State investment, but he never delivered on that promise. They also believe Harper is waging a war against environmentalists and the indigenous. A recent poll by the EKOs -- a well known canadian market research company that conducts political research polls -- shows Harper's approval rating currently stands at about 47 percent. The conservative party is even lower around 30 percent. Adding to the disapproval, another poll found that after years in office, half of the country still believes the Prime Minister has some sort of a “hidden agenda.” In fact, many Canadians disagree with how the government plans to balance the budget. A National Survey revealed more than half of Canadians believe the country is on the “wrong track.