Sat Mar 30, 2013 10:48PM
Palestinians in Gaza hold their first-ever National Security Conference. Prominent figures from the Occupied Territories, Egypt, Jordan and other Middle Eastern countries attended the event.
Hundreds of Palestinians and intellectuals from across the Middle East have participated in the first annual National Palestinian Security Conference in the blockaded Gaza Strip. The gathering aims to evaluate Palestinian resistance and governance. It also intends to reactivate political thinking amongst educated people in Palestine. The conference was organized by the Management and Politics Academy for Postgraduate Studies in Gaza. Attendees spoke of the importance of holding this conference nearly four months after Israeli forces waged an eight day war on Gaza. Experts will give their recommendations to the Palestinian leadership both in Gaza and the West Bank to help bring about Palestinian unity and bring Palestinians closer to establishing their sovereign independent state. The conference discussed the relation between security and resistance as well as the concept of resistance, its forms and mechanism to cater to the Palestinian situation. Many here consider this conference as a major step toward developing the foundations for a future independent Palestinian state. Organizers say the conference aims to consider the main challenges facing Palestinian national security and to provide a strategic vision for Palestinian decision makers.