Sat Mar 30, 2013 10:46PM
Israeli settlers once again attack Palestinians in the occupied West Bank. This time the victim was an elderly shepherd who was brutally beaten while tending his herd. The shepherd’s family has not filed a complaint yet as attacks by Israeli settler rarely lead to persecution.
A group of Israeli settlers beat an 80 year old man who was tending to his land in the occupied West Bank city of Tulkarm. The settlers entered Hasan Barhoush’s land while he was tending to his goats in the village of Kafr al-Labad and began beating him with a large pole. The group which had come from the nearby illegal Israeli settlement of Beni Hafez, continued attacking him after he had fallen unconscious. Barhoush’s Grandson explained to Press TV that the settlers had attacked his grandfather around 1.30pm and he was left unconscious until they found him at 9pm that evening. Barhoush was left moderately wounded with 2 broken arms and legs. Settler violence, alongside destruction of Palestinian property has been increasing throughout the West Bank and settlers are rarely brought to justice by the Israeli Authority. Human Rights group Yesh Din recorded that 9 out of 10 investigations fail to lead to a prosecution. Following this cowardly act by the settlers, the shepherd was left injured in the field for over 8 hours. Tel Aviv’s policy continues to be the expansion of settlements in the West Bank even though settler violence is rapidly increasing.