Thu Mar 28, 2013 3:1AM
Britain has released the first annual report on its counter-terrorism strategy. Some startling revelations there: fears that British citizens fighting alongside Syrian insurgents may return home and try to attack the U-K.
Terrorism remains the greatest threat to the security of the UK; the stark words of Home Secretary Theresa May as she announced the first report on Britain’s counter-terrorism strategy. The report reveals that there have been at least five serious terrorist plots on Britain since December 2010. And that the terrorist threat is more diverse than it has ever been. But critics say within the figures is a startling story of how Britain is getting wrong. The report highlights both the complexities but also the controversies of Britain’s counter-terrorism strategy. But it also highlights something more worrying, how double standards in Britain’s foreign policy can have dangerous and devastating consequences not only abroad but at home as well. The report admits to the growing threat from Syria where it says al-Qaeda is attracting hundreds of foreign fighters from Europe, including at least 100 from Britain who have joined Jabhat al-Nusra, described as Syria’s most militant al-Qaeda-linked gang. It also says Syrian groups have conducted 600 terrorist attacks in the last year. The head of Britain’s Counter Terrorism says that there is a real risk that when these UK residents return home they may carry out attacks ON BRITAIN using the skills that they’ve learn abroad. The report also boasts about it’s de-radiclisation programme, the Channel project. The £3 million a year government scheme identifies potential terrorists and then de-radicalises them back in to society. The report reveals 500 people - including school children have gone through the programme. The truth is we don’t know a lot about what happens in these programmes - or in the rest of Britain’s counter terrorism schemes. But many critics say tackling terrorism starts much closer to home. It is the vicious political cycle that is going round - again - this generation.