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A county council in Scotland has passed a motion authorizing a boycott of the Israeli regime after comparing the regime to apartheid South Africa, local media reported. Condemning the Israeli regime’s occupation of Palestine, Clackmannanshire Council said it would resist all economic and political support for Israel in order to “end suffering in Palestine”. Pro-Palestinian activists from the Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign enforced the boycott, which was already being implemented by 11 other councilors, according to reports. The motion was proposed at a meeting last week by Independent Councilor Archie Drummond, where the boycott was passed with 11 votes in favour and five abstentions. The policy condemns the Israeli regime’s “continuing illegal occupation of Palestine’s east al-Quds (Jerusalem) and the West Bank” and the “illegal blockade of Gaza” and backs the United Nations’ recognition of Palestinian statehood. “Just as individual sanctions against apartheid South Africa led ultimately to its demise there, so individual and collective sanctions against the Israel regime will end apartheid and suffering in Palestine”, read the motion. “Clackmannanshire Council therefore resolves to resist, insofar as legislative considerations permit, any action that gives political or economic support to the Israel regime,” it added. MOL/JR/HE