Thu Mar 21, 2013 7:47PM
The UK government is supplying hundreds of chemical weapons detection and protection kits to foreign-backed terrorists fighting the popular government of Syria since a European Union arms embargo was relaxed to allow battlefield supplies to terrorists. Syrian government of president Bashar al-Assad has lashed out at foreign-backed terror groups for using chemical weapons in the town of Khan al-Assad, near Aleppo. Bashar al-Jafaari, Syria's ambassador to the United Nations, demanded a "specialised, independent and neutral mission" to investigate the incident. "Protective equipment in the MoD [Ministry of Defence] stores is very effective for activists engaged against the regime on the ground and if it is known that kits are deployed we judge it less likely that the regime would use it," said an official involved in the planning. "But if there are chemicals used it will allow the rebels to detect it accurately and the world to react." Cameron used the chemical weapons threat’s story as one reason to remove the EU’s embargo on Syria altogether. "I felt sitting round the European Council chamber there was a slight similarity between some of the arguments that were being made about not putting more weapons into Syria that seemed to me to be very familiar to the discussions we had about Bosnia and the appalling events that followed," he said. Two Republicans, John McCain and Lindsey Graham, reiterated their long-standing demand for the U.S to step in, with Graham even suggesting the U.S put "boots on the ground". MOL/HE