Wed Mar 20, 2013 4:39AM
A press conference has been held in Ramallah about U-S President Barak Obama's visit to Israel. The conference was followed by a large demonstration by Palestinians, who voiced anger at Washington’s clear support of Israel and its silence about the plight of Palestinians under Israeli occupation.
A press conference was held by Mustafa Barghouti, an activist and politician in order to discuss the issues the Palestinians are facing before the visit by US President Barack Obama. Barghouti began by stating that it was a good symbolic gesture for Obama to visit although he then continued to explicate Washington’s clear policy of supporting Israel and that America remains guilty of being passive towards the Palestinian cause. Barghouti said the least they could expect is to condemn the use of Israel’s violent resistance against Palestine’s none violent resistance. Barghouti continued to explain that Palestine has found itself in a worse position since the Oslo agreement, due to settlement expansion and continued Israeli violations of the Palestine people. He further stated that America is continuing its policy in supporting Israel and remains passive toward the Palestinian issue. Following the press conference hundreds of Palestinians protested against Obama’s visit in Ramallah, waving placards such as No Hope for Obama. The masses gathered in the centre of al Manara and attempted to march towards al Muqata. Tensions rose when the protesters were not allowed to enter the al Muqata vicinity where Mahmoud Abbas, Acting chief of the Palestinian Authority will meet Obama on Thursday. Palestinians are angry that Obama continues to embrace Israel and has failed to address the issues of settlement expansion in the West Bank. The US president is expected to visit the grave of the Zionist visionary Theador Herzi, however he will not visit the grave of the late Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat. Hundreds of Palestinians have marched through the centre of Ramallah clearly angry with Obama’s visit. Not only for America’s passive policy towards the Palestinians but also for its clear support for Israel. As you can see behind me they have increased security throughout Ramallah and they are preventing the protesters from reaching al Muqata.