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Fri Mar 15, 2013 5:54AM
A Palestinian man is reflected in a mirror as he inspects damages in a house following an Israeli air raid in Gaza City on November 17, 2012.

A Palestinian man is reflected in a mirror as he inspects damages in a house following an Israeli air raid in Gaza City on November 17, 2012.

Palestinian resistance movement Hamas has called on those cooperating with the Israeli regime to surrender in exchange for amnesty. Hamas Interior Ministry in the Gaza Strip warned on Tuesday that it has a list of those spying for Israeli authorities, adding they will be pursued without mercy if they do not turn themselves in by April 11, The New York Times reported on Thursday. Despite the damage that “the collaborators have committed against our people and society, we will deal discreetly with anyone who repents,” said Hamas Deputy Interior Minister Kamel Abu Maddi. “The Israeli wars on Gaza have given us the opportunity to learn the lessons, rearrange our papers and know the points of weakness and strength,” he added. On November 14, 2012, the Tel Aviv regime launched a deadly offensive on the blockaded Gaza Strip, which left more than 160 Palestinians dead and injured some 1,200 others. The eight-day offensive broke out after Ahmed al-Jabari, the commander of Izzeddin Qassam Brigades, was killed in an Israeli airstrike that targeted his car. Hamas said the action would not have been easy to accomplish without some help on the ground. Muhammed Lafi, an official with Hamas Internal Security Service, also said those who hand themselves in to Palestinian security services will not be imprisoned or interrogated and their cases will be settled quietly. “This campaign against collaborators isn't purely a security campaign, as it also has a social element,” said Lafi. “We do not discriminate between them according to their political affiliation, and we will provide them with information to make sure they can make right their mistakes and thus protect resistance fighters,” he added. According to a report by the Palestinian Ma’an News Agency on Tuesday, the Hamas Ministry released details of two Palestinians recruited by the Israeli spy agency. The Ministry said a Palestinian man in his 20s was contacted by a woman identifying herself as Haifa who claimed to be from northern Israel after he had posted his contact number on a website, the report added. The female agent told the man she was in love with him, sent him money, and said she would connect him with a businessman who could improve his financial situation. The businessman, however, turned out to be an Israeli spy officer who recruited the man as a new collaborator, who later turned himself in to Palestinian security officials, according to the report. “(Security officials in Gaza) treated me well and kept my story secret. I am free of worry now as the crime I committed against my people is now history,” the Palestinian man was quoted as saying in the report. MKA/MA
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