Thu Mar 14, 2013 7:13PM
The Saudis want to convince their people that democracy in Iraq or anywhere would lead to divisions, insecurity and instability."
An analyst says Saudi Arabia and Qatar are fomenting war, terrorism and division in countries with Shia governments. In the background of this bomb blasts have killed over two dozen people in Baghdad with scores more injured. No group or individual has claimed responsibility for these attacks. Press TV has interviewed Zayd al-Isa, political commentator, London about this issue. The following is an approximate transcription of the interview. Press TV: Rumors, maybe documented... perhaps you can tell us of allegations of Saudi Arabia and Qatar undermining the government of Nuri al-Maliki in many different ways, different dynamics behind it. Do you agree with that? Al-Isa: I do definitely agree with that because this is all part and parcel of a concerted relentless effort since 2003 to destabilize, derail, discredit and severely undermine the fledgling democracy in Iraq. These attacks are being carried out by al-Qaeda, which has been revitalized and reinvigorated that is largely due to the protests, which are taking place in western Iraq, which are wholeheartedly and emphatically backed up by Saudi Arabia and Qatar as a new potent instrument to actually ratchet up sectarian tension in Iraq. And that’s why we see that al-Qaeda have used it and exploited that to increase the radicalization and also ramp up the recruitment and to reactivate those areas, which have been the safe havens and sanctuaries for al-Qaeda previously. Let’s not forget it is also due to the growing and mounting influence of al-Qaeda, that is al-Nusra, who have been armed, funded and also paid salaries in Syria by Saudi Arabia. So the two branches of al-Qaeda are working hand in hand and let’s not forget that Saudi Arabia desperately and strenuously needs now sectarian tension and ultimately sectarian war in Iraq to convince its people that it is engaged in dealing and confronting existential threats coming from the Shias and principally from the Islamic Republic of Iran - because the Saudis, which is a Wahabi government has been portraying itself that it is the defender and the guardian of the Sunnis. Plus the popular uprising in Saudi Arabia have surmounted the impregnable defense of the Saudi regime, which is sectarian divisions. That’s why it needs to demonstrate on the ground that it is heavily engaged in defending the Sunnis in Iraq and also defending the Sunnis in Saudi Arabia. It also wants to punish Iraq for pursuing a diplomatic and also a peaceful approach to resolving the crisis; the sectarian attention in Syria; and to keep the Iraq government busy dealing with internal feuding and internal affairs, which are pushed by the Saudi regime. Also the Saudis want to convince their people that democracy in Iraq or anywhere would lead to divisions, insecurity and instability. SC/JR