Sun Mar 10, 2013 2:25PM
Saipa rolls out three new cars for the spring. Saipa’s sub-brand 151 van, Tiba 211 and a new class of Kia Pride with automated manual transition were unveiled at the presence of high-ranking officials and industrialists, including lawmakers, vice president and commerce minister. Addressing the inauguration ceremony at Saipa’s central plant in Tehran, Vice President Rahimi said the Iranian carmaker has managed to tackle the unilateral sanctions regime imposed by the West. Also addressing the inauguration ceremony, commerce minister Ghazanfari said carmaker Saipa doesn’t need petro-dollars because it has what it takes to stay in the competition with the help of its range of cars. Just like another carmaker Iran Khodro Company, Saipa has established a foothold for its 13 models in the markets of the Middle East, Africa, Central Asia and Latin America. The company plans to roll out affordable electric cars as well as cars with smaller, more fuel efficient engines in the coming years.