Fri Mar 8, 2013 3:21PM
Turkey’s main opposition party, the Republican People’s Party, or the C-H-P, has had enough with the government’s stance on the Syrian crisis. The C-H-P believes their government is working as a puppet to the U-S' demands in the region. Press TV's Serena Shim has more from Istanbul.
The Turkish Government and the main Turkish opposition party the Republican people’s party went head to head, in Thursdays parliament session. The fight which almost turned violent started when main opposition Republican People’s Party deputy ـmit ضzgümüs took the floor to argue that the Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmad Davutoglu had made a misjudgment on Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s fate. The Republican people’s party which is also known as CHP also claimed that the accusations made by Ankara were all lies. Ankara claims the Syrian government is massacring its own people. The CHP representative said the lies being told about the Syrian government are the same as the lies that were used by the U-S to invade Iraq. The U-S claimed Iraq had weapons of mass destruction which latter turned out to be false. The claims made by the CHP representative sparked a reply by the ruling AKP party's deputy Mehmet Metiner. The two M-P’s went back and forth at the pulpit. After much difficulty the two deputies were separated by colleagues . The fight between the two parties stems from 2 years of fighting between Syrian government troops and the insurgents supported by the West and their allies in the region. The fight like the one that took place in Turkey’s parliament on Thursday, reflects the growing divide between the Turkish government and the country’s main opposition C-H-P over the Syrian crisis. Many believe this is an example of the deepening rift in Turkish public opinion. Many say if the crisis in Syria does not end soon, more fights like this one are likely to occur.