Wed Mar 6, 2013 6:32AM
ran has once again voiced its support for a complete ban on nuclear weapons. The Iranian delegation spoke in Oslo at a conference on the humanitarian impacts of nuclear weapons. The government of Norway hosted the conference.
Delegates from more than a hundred and thirty nations came together in Norway capital Oslo to discuss the humanitarian costs of nuclear weapons. Among the key themes of the conference were preparedness for a nuclear detonation, its immediate impact and environmental consequences. Several UN bodies, NGOs and representatives of civil society were also present at the conference. However the conference was marked by the absence of Israel and the five permanent member of the U-N security council plus Germany. India and Pakistan were the only nuclear powers represented at the event. The Iranian delegation led by Iran’s Ambassador to Norway used the forum to voice Tehran’s official position - and its disapproval of the nuclear weapons. This is an indication of challenges faced by the international community when it comes to disarmament. The participants did however see the conference as a step closer to nukes-free world. There is no doubt that humanity is at risk until the world becomes free of nuclear weapons. Perhaps a few also hope for alliances between peaceful nations with a humanitarian outlook. This may create a balance of power and challenge the current international structure dominated by a few nuclear powers. Until then a nukes-free world remains a dream