Wed Mar 6, 2013 1:57AM
Boko Haram militants (file photo)

Boko Haram militants (file photo)

Eight people have been killed in northeastern Nigeria in an attack by the Boko Haram militant group. On Tuesday, a Nigerian security official, who spoke on condition of anonymity, told the Associated Press that the attack occurred in Gwoza, a village in the northeastern state of Borno, late on Monday. The official said Boko Haram gunmen killed seven civilians and one police inspector after they arrived in two trucks. A resident of Gwoza said the attack targeted a bank and the police station in the village. On Sunday, the Nigerian military's Joint Task Force (JTF) killed 20 members of Boko Haram in the northeast of the country. In a statement issued after the incident, JTF spokesman Sagir Musa said, “Boko Haram attempted to attack a military barracks (in Borno) today, at about 5:00 am (0400 GMT)… The attack was repelled.” Boko Haram has claimed responsibility for a number of deadly gun and bomb attacks in various parts of Nigeria since 2009. Human rights groups report that violent actions by Boko Haram since mid-2009 have claimed more than 1,000 lives, including over 300 in 2012. NT/HGL
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